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The regional airports of Montpellier, Marseille, Nîmes, Toulouse, Carcassonne, Perpignan and Girona get flights from many destinations. Ryan Air has a connection with Béziers in the summer season. Overseas visitors can choose to fly from any large European airport, then rent a car or take a train. 

Distance to Mèze from the regional airports:
Béziers: 32 km,
Montpellier: 40 km,Nîmes: 90 km, Carcassonne: 136 km, Perpignan: 131 km             Marseille: 172km,Toulouse: 230 km, Girona: 235 km


Montpellier is served by several daily TGV connections from Paris (SNCF, click here) . There are also very good connections from Switzerland to the Languedoc Roussillon (SBB, click here) and from Germany (DB, click here). 

From Montpellier central station, you can take the tramway in the direction of St. Jean de Védas. Get off at St. Jean le Sec and catch the L103 bus to Béziers and get off at Mèze. This trip takes about 30 minutes. From the bus stop in Mèze, it is a 5 minute walk to the house. Click here for the bus timetable. During the Summer months there is a boat service between the railway station of Sète and the harbour of Mèze. The trip is dirt cheap and takes about 40 minutes. Ideal if you arrive via train in Sète.



Mèze lies off the A9 motorway in the direction of Barcelona between Montpellier and Narbonne in the Hérault province. Below Google map will help you plan your journey.  Once you enter Rue des Salins, you can stop in front of nr. 8 to take out your luggage (it is a one way street).

To find the nearest (free) Parking, continue and take the 1st road to the right. 



At Montpellier airport you will find the major car rental companies.
Click here to make your choice.

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